What Matters More?

I am far from being an expert on the workings of the LDS religion, church, cult, or whatever it is. A friend told me about his father who was a convert to Mormonism. Apparently, if one is a good LDS, God will grant an enlightenment at some point. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like speaking in tongues for some other denominations.

Anyway, my friend told me that his father went to an LDS bishop late in life to complain about either God or the Mormon religion not delivering on the promised epiphany. The bishop apparently then confessed that not everyone gets it. I’m unclear on the details, but I suspect a deconversion. My friend’s dad died shortly thereafter. So, then what?

One person commented on this blog that I must confess my belief in God before it is “too late.” The too late being when I am already dead, and God (who is love, who is forgiving, who sort of died for our sins) punishes my soul with Hell for eternity because I would not, could not, or did not believe that he, or she, or it was real. That commentator was trying to tell me what much of Christianity teaches. Goodness does not matter. Belief is all that counts. It sounds crazy and stupid, but the Bible backs them up on this.

Bottom line, if you do not believe in any god, or if you have serious doubts, you are doomed for eternity, according to the “good book.” That’s the theory, anyway. Nothing else in your life matters. In fact, you can be a lying scum bag, a murderer, a rapist, or all of these, and still be forgiven and spend eternity in Heaven, provided you claim that you think God is real (i.e., profess belief). This makes sense to millions of people. But not to all of us.

In her memoir, Anne Rice raved about her Secular Humanist friends and how wonderful and kind and caring and what good people they were. How they do all these wonderful things for others. Many are, of course, people who do not hold much belief (or faith) in any god. Anne was at times a very devout Catholic. In that Christian denomination, belief was taken for granted. But it was (and still is) how you live and treat others that matters most. For them, ass holes burn regardless of belief status.

I sat face-to-face in a confessional one day. The Priest said, “God does not care about all that, Bill. What He cares about is how we treat one another.” Two other Priests told me essentially the same thing.

No matter what I believe about the existence of any god, I am convinced that how we treat each other is paramount. Therefore, if I treat my fellow man, nature, and the environment (God’s creation?) as well as I can, I’ll bet God would give me the same break he would give Anne or any of her wonderful friends. As for the Christian jerks, if there is a god, I have my opinion.

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42 thoughts on “What Matters More?

  1. Christians have it wrong. You don’t go to hell for not believing Jesus is God. You go to hell for being evil. Jesus told the law makers and Pharisees they will be cast into outer darkness for being hypocrites, for having no mercy, for injustice and more. Jesus said the rich man will not enter the kingdom of heaven for not feeding the poor man Lazarus. Christians don’t read the bible like you read a history book which is why their beliefs are wrong.

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  2. I think the LDS follow the line of thought in Isaiah and this theme is also presented in the Book of Mormon.
    “9 Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.

    10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little—until a full understanding. The problem with Mormonism is they allow zero dissent and tough questions are considered an affront to their authority. Only those brave enough and vocal enough to invoke excommunication are actually the ones able to create positive changes in the church. They excommunicate them, then have “revelations” that make the needed change based on social pressure, yet then never invite the offended party back into the fold.

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  3. I don’t know what was more interesting, the post itself or the comments…
    Only thing I can say is I respect people who respect others and animals and our poor mistreated Earth. If a person does not treat then he/she does not merit my time.

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      1. Ohhhh….stop…..you are a fun (and funny) and creative lady, writer, photographer, mom, poet, and you seem to do all things well. And yes you do tell a fine story. 🙂 So, there.

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    1. every single Christian cherry picks the bible, and lies that they and only they have the “truth”. You are indeed guilty of deceit.

      No truth, but gee, you all do try to gin up fear by your “before it is too late” nonsense.

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    1. Not sure what you think you’re accomplishing, Arnold, when you keep repeating similar remarks on atheists’ blogs, Do you really think your comments are going to cause someone to drop to their knees and ask for forgiveness?

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    2. It’s always curious to see Arnold keep trying with the claim that he knows that there is a god and it is his version. I guess he can’t get other Christians to care, so he finds he must bother atheists.

      It’s also amusing that he finds he must keep trying to deny he is here to convince us. there is no other reason, despite his claims of “thoughtful and humorous discussions”. I guess it is easier for him to deny what he’s here for since he fails.

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      1. 🥴 I don’t know- the Bible’s loaded with if’s, and’s and but’s!
        The inerrancy thing makes for a juicy conversation piece, for sure. A temptation 🍎 in any camp.

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      2. In my opinion, purposely confusing, to the point of frustration, to the point of turning to HIM. God wants my heart and soul and mind on HIM, not scripture for scripture’s sake. Look at Jesus continuously calling people to himself.

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      3. So, you admit you’re confused?
        Might that be because biblical books were written by many different people (also confused), changed and translated by still others, and actually myth more than truth?

        Have you read it? ALL of it?

        Ok, Arnold, I get it. ‘Yay. Jesus.’
        But is this kind of street corner preaching babble really necessary? (“Look at Jesus continuously calling people to himself.”)


      4. You have said why you read and comment on skeptic blogs and not so much on the religions ones, for what I think is a good reason. Then you try to sound like them. Just write the way to talk. 🙂
        But you and JC, right. We get that. It’s okay, man.


      5. “I agree Nan, some of us are fire-and-brimstone, old testament Jesuses, yet he preached healing and life.”

        and more one set of lies from a Christian. alas, for Arnold, most of us have read the bible and know what he says isn’t true. This Jesus preached death and eternal torture, commanding his followers to bring those who would not accept him as king before him and murder them.

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