About Bill

Bill is some sort of writer and a wannabe of many adventurous identities like artist, gym rat, swimmer, or poet. Called Opa by some, he is Bill to others, Dad to few, he’s a career militarist with centrist, left-leaning values. He’s a happy skeptic who loves logic, magic, music, mystery, mother nature, and some people. A champion of humanity’s dark side, Bill is occasionally a grumpy old fart or dirty old man playing the role of a teenage rocker heathen. He’s a helper to some but a critic to others. His personal motto is “right here, right now.” When that fails, it’s “fuck it!”

About Our Literary Journey

This is my other site where I post some prose and much poetry. I write things and put them there (essays, stories, poems, thoughts). Click here for the link.

Heartfelt thanks to all readers. You have encouraged and supported me on my romantic tryst with writing and blogging. I feel indebted to all writers everywhere who have made this world a better place, using only words.

About Dispassionate Doubt

This is my page for things related to that part of human nature having to do with beliefs, ontology, and other branches of metaphysics. It will reflect my experiences in those areas of life.

My tagline is Broodings and Ponderings of a Pensive Skeptic. I brood that people who cannot, or do not, believe in any gods are so misunderstood and maligned. I also feel bad because religion is such a mess. This is especially true at the fundamentalist levels and is certainly worrisome.

I read, think, and write about it.

Let’s Talk About It

Feel free to post your thoughts, to like or not, to comment or not; but please at least attempt reasonable decorum. Okay, semi-reasonable (or, just say fuck it and have fun).

Until our last words are written, thank you for reading and thinking.