Not My Business, but…

The Roman Catholic (RC) archbishop of San Francisco ordered priests in his archdiocese to deny communion to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because of her political support for all women’s abortion rights.

This is not because she killed anyone. She’s had no abortion. She caused no one to have an abortion. She has not molested any children. It is because Nancy Pelosi, as one of the most powerful Democrats in the USA, thinks women should have the right to choose, up to the limits of current secular law, what happens to and within their bodies.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s decision to forbid Pelosi from receiving the Eucharist in churches within her, and his, home diocese interestingly comes when the SCOTUS is expected to overturn the constitutional right to abortion embodied in the 49-year-old court decision Roe v. Wade.

Six Catholics currently sit on the Supreme Court. (No atheists.) Could their vote be influenced by the actions of their religious leadership? Could they be forbidden communion based on how they vote? Protestants and others worried about this when JFK was running for POTUS. Does anyone recall how JFK responded to that?

The RC powers consider abortion a grave sin. It is not the only grave sin. There are many. As with others of his ilk, Cordileone is willing to force his religious views on everyone, not only Catholics (Christians), by attacking lawmakers with threats and godly intimidation. In this case forbidding devout RCs (not just politicians) access to the central point of their religion.

Catholicism is a liturgical religious practice. The key part of that practice is the Mass, and the point of a Mass is changing bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Christ. Then the Eucharist is taken into the body of the faithful by mouth. It is the biggest deal.

Cordileone wrote a tweet. He timed his letter. He said he is not “weaponizing” the Eucharist (i.e., the Christ bullet), which RC’s must believe is the actual, real, living, transubstantiated body and blood of Jesus Christ. Yes, this MF-er is doing exactly what he denies doing.

I confess to being anti-clergy. I confess to being atheist. I confess that I really do not care if Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden take Communion. But I say Cordileone is a liar and a prick. His actions are 100% politically motivated. His willingness to force his views (in defiance of his boss and fellow American bishops) on everyone is clear.

I am certain that Nancy and Joe will continue to receive Communion despite the clownery and grandstanding of dickheads (useless ones at that) like this guy.

Keep in mind that birth control prevents unwanted pregnancy. Consequently, the idea of abortion never comes up. But the RC Church considers birth control, including wearing rubbers to prevent HIV, to also be a grave sin (so said a previous pope). This is a sin that has caused many, if not most, RCs to throw down the BS flag for many years in growing numbers. We used birth control.

Most RC bishops do not deny communion to politicians who support abortion rights. Pope Francis, the leader of the Church, indicated that he believes bishops and priests should not deny communion (the body and blood of JC) to anyone. He said that he never refused the eucharist to anyone. To me, it has always seemed illogical to do so.

The Holy Father also said, “If we look at the history of the church (OMG!!!), we will see that every time the bishops have not managed a problem as pastors, they have taken a political stance on a political problem.” (He did not say the omg part.) But that comment includes his own predecessors. One of the most notable of such messes is now called the Church of England. Another is Protestantism in general.

When people like Bishop Cordileone abuse their power and position, something religious hierarchy of every breed have been doing for thousands of years, they open the door for questioning, inspection, and critique. Boneheaded and blinded, many Catholic faithful will resent my harsh criticism. They will mealy mouth hair-splitting nonsense, thus enabling corruption they deny. “Religion poisons everything.”



Give Kermit a click to read a San Francisco Examiner editorial on the matter.

9 thoughts on “Not My Business, but…

  1. Reading stuff like this makes me SOOOO happy that I avoided being indoctrinated into the Catholic Church (which could have easily happened when I was a youngster).

    But what is so very, very said is that so many others HAVE been indoctrinated … and “obey” every idiotic rule “The Church” puts forth.

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    1. Catholics are not all like SOM, Nan. (Thank God.) (I hope.)
      You’d have made a wonderful Catholic. 🙂

      I regret few of my days as a Catholic. Not many Catholics obey every idiotic rule. The term “cafeteria Catholic” is true. But idiots are everywhere.

      I am reading your book. 🙂 So far, so good. Definitely well written and researched. Oh….

      I was also reading today about Bob Dylan because it is his 81st B-day. I did not know that he “was” a born again Christian during the 70s/80s. I was also unaware of his Jewish family history. We all have our story.

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      1. Not sure about that “wonderful Catholic” comment … 🤔😋

        Thank you for taking a chance on my book … of course I’ll be interested in your feedback when you’re finished. 😊

        Yes, we all have our story …

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  2. Ironically, had Pelosi been molesting and raping Catholic kids, thus complicating and debilitating their growth and mental well-being for life, “The Holy Father” would completely overlook it!

    Funny. I would have thought that child rape and molestation would also be a GRAVE sin….I guess not

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  3. Unfuckingbelievable. Just keep giving me reasons to loathe the business of religion. I think Cordileone really reads his name as Corleone. The mafia, too, got involved in politics. Then again, they did want control of whatever they could get, no matter how they had to get it.

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